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About Our Business

We are a full-service video production company based in Colorado that specializes in the use of traditional and FPV (First Person View) drones. We create stunning videos for real estate, advertising, events, construction, and much more. Each job is tailored to our client's needs using a combination of ground and aerial cameras if needed. Everything is filmed and edited in-house by our highly trained and friendly staff. Founded in 2013, we pride ourselves on our customer service and experience. Our pilots are FAA-licensed and held to the highest safety standards. We carry a one-million-dollar liability insurance policy to protect our client's property and investments. If you have any questions feel free to call or E-mail us at anytime

Terms of Service

 By booking a service with Top Shots Media, LLC you agree to the company's "Service Agreement"

What to expect when booking our services

Please review the information below to ensure all of your expectations will be met when booking a job with us. Find out what you can expect from us while onsite and get information on the editing process and final delivery.

Music for your video


We pride ourselves on finding the best music selection to fit your video. We edit every video clip to fit the timing of the music. We are NOT allowed to use copyrighted music in any video without explicit written consent from the copyright owner. Purchasing a license for popular music can cost up to $25,000 per song. However, we have annual contract agreements with music licensing companies, which offer an abundant selection of music, which you may use free of charge.

Start Time

For simple shoots, we show up just before the scheduled time. For events or complicated shots, we typically show up one hour before we start filming. This gives us time to set up the best camera angles, and meet with clients, staff members, guests, or actors. Depending on your requests and the location of the shoot, we may arrive even earlier to set up. Please let us know in advance if this causes any schedule conflicts.

Drone Information

We only employ FAA licensed and insured pilots. Safety is our number one concern when filming. There are strict rules in place when operating UAVs. These rules may interfere with your vision, but we must follow them. Examples include Sustained Flights over crowds and “no-fly” zones. If you have any concerns about your location, please contact us in advance. We will research the flight path and location as soon as you request a booking to ensure there are no restrictions. We will let you know if we encounter any issues and review other options as soon as possible.

Time Onsite

Modern Watch

The time we spend onsite depends on the package you select. Each package includes a time estimate, so we can bill you accordingly. If we have recorded everything in your package, but you want us to stay and film longer, there will be a $100 per hour fee for our staff to remain onsite. If we arrive and the location is NOT ready to be filmed due to clutter onsite, we will either film it as is or bill for the time it takes our staff to clean up.

Real Estate


Our staff expects the location to be ready to shoot upon our arrival. We will not prep or stage the location for you. If the location is not ready and we are required to wait there will be a fee of $80 per hour until it is ready. If we are required to reschedule you will be charged travel fees and charged a flat $100 fee. 

Virtual Drone Tours

Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 6.12.02 PM.jpg

Our one-of-a-kind Fly Through Virtual Drone Tours provide immersive video content your customers will watch from beginning to end. These videos get shared more often on social media compared to traditional advertising campaigns due to their engaging nature and wow factor. With new drone technology and improved safety measures emerging in the industry, we are now able to offer close proximity indoor & outdoor drone flights. These unique and usually scripted One-Take videos will set your business advertising apart from any of your competitors. 


Construction worker

Safety is the most important component of our business. We execute multiple safety checks on all of our gear before showing up and when flying a UAV, after each takeoff and landing. We follow all FAA and manufacturer rules and regulations to ensure a safe flight every time. We take as many precautions as possible before we arrive, so as to ensure each job is executed safely. We do not fly when conditions are not safe enough to do so. Weather, Radio towers, high voltage Power Lines, Substations, magnets and large metal structures interfere with the UAV's radio signal and as such we will NOT fly near these objects for any reason. The FAA imposes strict UAV regulations and does not permit flying over crowds, higher than 400 ft AGL or more than 400 ft above structures. This also includes flying over densely populated areas, in controlled airspace, beyond visual line of site, or at night unless prior authorization is granted by the FAA 90 days in advance. Please keep this in mind when scheduling Top Shots Media, LLC We can request a waiver on our client's behalf.

Travel Policy

Desert Road

All of our packages include round trip travel up to 30 radial miles from Downtown Denver's State Capital Building. Any additional miles traveled will be at a rate of $1.00 per mile. Although we are based in Denver, we can travel to any location in the world, provided we receive accommodations (mileage charges do not apply to out-of-state or international packages with travel accommodations)

Content Delivery

Delivering Package

Media is delivered online unless specified on the invoice or package - Optional Media Formats -  (Streaming, Link, DVD, USB Media)


Credit Card

All jobs require a non-refundable deposit of $100 or 25% of your total invoice price (whichever is greater) to hold your event date. This policy protects our customers from a double-booking and our business from loss of work.

Late Fees

Stock Charts in the Newspaper

If complete payment has not been made within 10 days after the client receives the final invoice there will be a late fee of $75. If the payment has not been made after 30 days an additional $100 fee will be added every 30 days.

Audio & Video Recording

Film Reel

Audio and Video recording devices will be present while we are on site. Please make sure your guests, customers or employees are aware of this activity. Top Shots Media, LLC and its affiliates shall have the right to transform, edit, alter, distort, modify, add to, subtract from, enhance, broadcast, telecast, duplicate, distribute, or otherwise exhibit the Media worldwide in all forms of media and forms of exploitation, now known or hereafter created including, but not limited to, websites, film, television, radio, and print. Clients may choose to opt out of commercial use with approved prior written request only. Please be sure to Fully read and Understand our "Service Agreement"

Event Videos

New Year Party

We try to capture every special moment in video clips, but it is not possible to capture an entire event. We will film everything outlined in your package and more, but we ask that you have reasonable expectations when it comes to what our crew can record. Even though we will give you 100%, our SD cards, batteries, and energy eventually run out of juice.

Turn Around Time

Old-Fashioned Clock

Contractually, we have 30 days to turn around a video to our clients. But in reality, most customers receive a first draft video within 1-5 days, depending on the complexity of the project and our workload. 

Video Editing

Our staff is highly skilled in the art of video editing and will provide a creative and artistic edit to impress any client. Your video has been crafted to our high standard of excellence and should be considered a final product. However, if you are not completely satisfied with the video for any reason including music or clip selections, we will gladly make ALL the requested changes to your video FREE of charge one time. If you decide you want further changes after that, there will be an $80 per hour charge.

FPV Drones


FPV or First Person View Drones give the freedom and flexibility to get unique shots not possible with a standard camera drone. These drones are under complete manual control and free to roll, flip and dive. Some refer to this style as racing drones due to their speed and maneuverability.​

Special Request

Hand Holding Camera Lens

If you have any special shots, people or events you want us to capture outside of our normal package, please let us know well in advance so we can plan for it. Some requests may come at an additional charge depending on the complexity of the shot or editing time required. 

Camera Gear

We try and stay as low profile as possible and blend in with the environment, but this is not always possible when trying to capture the BEST footage possible. We use tools that enable us to get the best footage including tripods, lights, monitors, gimbals, and drones to capture stunning cinematic footage. If you have an issue with us using any of this equipment at your event, please let us know well in advance so we can plan for it.


Storm Clouds

Weather conditions are a key factor for safe flights, outdoor services, and product quality. If inclement  weather does not permit us to provide our services  (i.e wind, rain, snow, low visibility, etc.) Top Shots Media, LLC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule our services. If we must cancel before we arrive,  the remaining balance will not be charged.  If services are canceled while on site due to weather conditions and rescheduling is possible a $100 travel and services fee will be added to the invoice.  If on-site cancellation is declared, an additional one hour waiting period will be granted as a courtesy. 

Permission to Fly

Legal Handshake

There are specific local and national laws, rules, and regulations that pertain to flying UAS, and we follow them closely. Whenever we are asked to film or fly at a location, Clients and or Property owners provide us with permission to fly, film, and enter the private property as a part of our service agreement. 

Damage to Equipment

Smashed Laptop Screen

If any of the Company’s equipment is damaged due to negligence or vandalism by the Client or an affiliate of the Client; the Client will be responsible for replacing or repairing the Company’s specialized equipment and/or paying the insurance claim. If equipment is damaged due to the negligence of the Company, the Company will continue operations with alternate equipment if available or prorate the remaining invoice balance.


Japanese Calendar

We try to accommodate as many appointments as possible, and as such we are open seven days a week.  Be sure to check out our Event Calendar for our latest availability.  If you schedule an event on a date we are already booked we will give you a full refund within 72 hours if rescheduling is not possible. Top Shots Media, LLC reserves the right to cancel any scheduled event with at least 72 hours' notice. If we cannot provide one of our services for some reason a full refund will be given.

Additional Fees


If a Client requests additional services or upgrades from us while on site or during post-production, we will provide the client with an updated invoice for client approval. Each project will be presented to the client according to the package they select. If a client is not satisfied with the final post-production details of the project the company will be happy to make one round of changes free of charge. If the client requests additional changes after the first round of edits, a $80 an hour fee will be charged each time a client requests the company re-edit, export, upload, and deliver content as originally agreed upon. Real Estate clients must ensure the property is free of unwanted clutter or vehicles. If the site is not ready for filming or photography after we have arrived and rescheduling is required a $100 fee will be added to the final invoice to cover travel and man-hours.

Be Aware

Traffic Cone

Please be aware that under Federal law any commercial use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) requires a 14-CFR Part 107 Federal Aviation Administration airman certificate. Operating without a license is a violation of Federal law and could result in a $250,000 fine or imprisonment for up to three years. Top Shots Media, LLC is current with all federal regulations and certificates, beware of using a service that are not.

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