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What to expect from your videography service

We thank you for your business Please review the information below to ensure that all of your expectations are met when booking a job with us, as well as understanding what to expect from us on site and in your final video.

Music in your video

We pride ourselves in finding the best music selection to fit your video. We edit every video clip to fit the timing of the music. We are NOT allowed to use copyrighted music in any video without explicit written consent from the copyright owner. Purchasing a license for popular music can cost up to $25,000 per song. However, we have annual contract agreements with music licensing companies, who offer an abundant selection of music, which you may use free of charge.

Start Time

We typically show up one hour before we start filming. This gives us time to set up the best camera angles, and meet with clients and staff members. Depending on your requests and the location of the shoot, we may arrive even earlier to set-up. Please let us know in advance if this causes any schedule conflicts.

Drone Information

We only employ FAA licensed and insured pilots to film video. Safety is our number one concern when filming. There are strict rules in place when operating UAV's. These rules may interfere with your vision, but we must follow them. Examples include: flying over crowds, night flights, & official “no-fly” zones. If you have any concerns about your event, please contact us in advance. We will research the flight path and location as soon as you request a booking to ensure there are no restrictions. We will let you know if we encounter any issues and review other options.

Time Onsite

The time we spend onsite depends on the package you select. Each package includes a time estimate, so we can bill you accordingly. If we have recorded everything in your package, but you want us to stay and film longer, there will be a $100 per hour fee for our staff to remain onsite. If we arrive and the location is NOT ready to be filmed due to clutter onsite, we will either film it as is or bill for the time it takes our staff to clean up.


We need to develop a good working relationship with your photographer in the short time we have together, so we ask that you send us his or her contact information ASAP. Most of the time we are trying to capture the same moment, so we want to reduce the risk of stepping on each other’s toes. Things like flashbulbs and laser focusing tend to ruin our video shots as it causes strange banding issues and red dots on clients faces in the video footage. If we can work together, your final product will turn out even better.

Your Guest & Venue

Your guests are an important part of your big day. Please make sure they are aware of our presence and let them know they will be recorded in advance. Guests have been known to jump in front of our cameras to take a cell phone photo while we are recording an important moment. So, unless you don’t mind the back of uncle Eddie's head in the shot during your first kiss, we suggest an unplugged ceremony. Watch the funny video below for a perfect example. Upon request, we can provide signage to help spread the word. We also ask that you let your venue know you have hired videographers, so we can find out if they have any special requirements of which we should be aware.

Video Content

We try to capture every special moment in video clips, but it is not possible to capture an entire event. We will film everything outlined in your package…and more, but we ask that you have reasonable expectations when it comes to what our crew can record. Even though we will give you 100%, our SD cards, batteries, and energy eventually run out of juice.

Turn Around

Contractually, we have 90 days to turn around a video to our clients. But in reality, most customers receive a first draft video within 5-10 days, depending on the complexity of the project and our work load. 

Video Editing

Our staff is highly skilled in the art of video editing and will provide a tasteful, creative and artistic point of view to every video we create. When we send you your video for the first time, it has been crafted to our high standard of excellence and should be considered a final product. However, if you are not completely satisfied with the video for any reason including music selections and video clip selections, we will gladly make all the requested changes to your video FREE of charge for the first-round (add hyphen) edit. If you decide you want further changes after that, there will be a $60 per hour charge.

Audio Recording

Audio recording can often be tricky. We usually record directly from the DJ or house system, so for best results, please give us the contact info for your DJ or venue in advance, which will allow us to discuss our audio requirements with them. On occasion, when we are connected to these systems, various other issues may arise, such as the DJ's mic cutting out, or the DJ playing copyright background music over a toast, etc. Therefore, we have backup systems in place. We typically add a small lapel mic to the groom and put a small wireless mic on the officiant. Interference from background noise will negatively affect the audio quality. Examples include flowing water, wind, airplanes, vehicle noises, etc.

Special Request

If you have any special shots, people or events you want us to capture outside of our normal package, please let us know well in advance so we can plan for it. Some requests may come at an additional charge depending on the complexity of the shot or editing time required. 

Camera Gear

We try and stay as low profile as possible and blend in with the environment, but this is not always possible when trying to capture the BEST footage possible. We use tools that enable us to get the best footage including tripods, lights, monitors, gimbals, and drones to capture stunning cinematic footage. If you have an issue with us using any of this equipment at your event, please let us know well in advance so we can plan for it.

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